7 Golf Tips to Lower Your Golf Score

The number of putts you adopt can take into account forty percent or more of your golf score. So, essentially the most direct golf putting tip are these claims: if you desire to reduce your golf scores, you need to become an efficient putter and concentrate on your golf putting basics.

What follows are some of essentially the most critical golf tips and golf putting drills to rapidly improve your putting game.

Putting Setup

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Key to putting setup is comfort over the ball, light grip tension no breakdown in stroke. Use steady, pendulum-like tempo and accelerate through follow-through. Keep lower body “quiet” throughout stroke. One of the most important golf tips is to make certain your vision remain on the ball throughout stroke.

Distance Control

Proper distance control is essentially the most important aspect of putting. The key to avoiding a “3-putt” would be to hit the very first putt the right distance. When putting, glance at the cup just as one intermediate target and aim 9 to 18 inches at night cup.

Reading Greens

When putting, examine the green and check out highest and lowest points leading up to the cup.A The ball will break toward the best point – the greater severe the “low” the greater severe the break. Aim your putt toward the top of the break instead of the cup. Here is a significant tip – a lot more doubt, play more break.

Consider the Grain and Direction of Putting Grass

The Grain and Direction from the putting surface plays a part in your putt. Look at the putting surface before putting – where the grass looks darker, what this means is the grain of the grass is against you and therefore your putt will probably be slower. Conversely, in the event the grass in front of you looks shiny, then your grain is with you and the putt will probably be faster.

Golf Putting Drills

Below are some key golf putting drills adapted with permission in the Golf Genie Tee to Green Practice Drills guide:

Distance Control: Putting “Feel” Drill – Perform golf putting drill on putting green with 15 balls. Initiate drill with 30-foot putts, then shorter, longer, uphill and downhill putts. Identify target line and set up for putting stroke. Turn head and look at the target throughout putting stroke ensuring good putting form. Doing so can help you “feel” the right putting stroke to control distance. Conduct feel drill for each and every target, then transfer the “feel” for a normal putting stroke.

Speed Control: Putting Ladder Drill – Perform golf putting drill with 10 or 15 balls. Place line of tees at regular intervals up to cup. Putt to first tee, then putt to every one subsequent tee. If putt too much or in short supply of target, start from scratch.

Putting Accuracy – Perform golf putting drill with 8 balls. Set up 8 balls in circle around hole-start with 3 foot putts. If make all putts, move balls further out and repeat drill. If miss a putt, start from scratch.

Armed with one of these golf basics and drills joined with a normal practice regimen, you will likely be well in your way to rapidly dropping your golf scores.

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