3 Mistakes to Avoid in a Golf Game

Many golfers place great increased exposure of punching the ball out of sight, while neglecting the very important short game. An effective short game can make a big difference between winning and losing a match.

Don’t waste your practice sessions just thrashing away along with your driver. Concentrate on your wedge and putter watching those scores come tumbling down.


Stress Free Golf Swing

Chip confidently by working on a sure chipping stroke and know what sort of shot to experience. If your confident from round the green, however ticklish the lie, you’ll be able to attack the pin just like easily just as if putting.

Which Chip Shot?

Careful thought should be provided to playing the appropriate shot to provide you with the absolute maximum chance of a makeable putt. Take a good look and assess when there is a hazard or rough in how and how flat the soil is. Choose which shot to work with and adhere to it. Doubt will often create a duffed shot.

From the Fringe

If you’ve got a good lie, take your 5 iron and position the ball toward the back of one’s stance. Aim your club face at the flag and employ your putting grip at the bottom from the rubber. Swing short, slow and also without any wrist break. A putter might be easier to try out however the longer grass makes the stroke tough to judge. A 5 iron lifts the ball cleanly and to the green.

Over Apron

Use your 7 iron plus a slightly open stance. Position the ball for the back of one’s stance and aim the clubface on the flag. Grip the club less than usual and create a backswing despite the fact that swing of equal length without wrist break – the left wrist staying firm through impact. Using a 7 iron, instead of a putter, rules out hitting the apron having its less even surface.

Over a Hazard/Bunker

If there is a good lie but grass for a specified duration to tangle, use an iron wedge plus an open stance. Position the ball for the centre of the stance, with your hands ahead in the club head. Aim the clubface on the flag and try to drop the ball on top of it. Position your grip less than for a full wedge. Swing with the early wrist break to create a steep backswing and downswing. Be positive, too delicate an impression will position the ball in the sand in front of you.


If you grip further down than usual you can boost your feel for the club head plus your control over the shot. Club head awareness is critical with a delicate greenside touch.


Another tip to help people who might be being affected by their chipping is to make certain that most of one’s weight is on the left foot. It’s important to be sure you maintain your weight about the left foot while you build your swing. Allowing excess fat to advance excessive to the right foot may cause your club check out swing upwards instead of inside downward direction you would like.

Practice your chipping and you may soon be able to roll three shots into two round the greens often. Keep it simple and will also help you to reduce your handicap.

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